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Onions and Shallots

The “brecks” often described as onion utopia, gives the perfect climate and growing medium for bulb onion production. 

The free draining soils give a bright stain free bulb with a high dry matter capable of being stored right through until June the following year. 

Onion Packing at Abrey FamrsWe offer 12 month supply of Brown and Red onions to our customers, with out of season sourced directly from foreign growers. 

We can also offer full year-round supply of UK grown Brown onions directly from our farm.

Our modern storage facilities enable us to store vegetables 12 months of the year; to then wash, grade, and pack anything from 500g to 1 tonne big bags.


Pickles, Shallots and other niche lines are grown and available to complement our range.