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Early Maincrop Potatoes

Over a dozen varieties of early new season potatoes are grown on the sandy free draining soils giving an early production with a bright, smooth skin finish.  

The range includes Early baking potatoes, Maris piper, Reds and other more specialist lines. 

Crops are lifted from Early June onwards off the field and later in the season from loamier soils to give longer term storage material.  Our facilities enable us to split grade and pack to customer requirements

Salad Potatoes

New season salad potatoes ready to lift late May/early June.

Main crop Storage Potatoes 

We can also offer full year-round supply of UK grown Main Crop Potatoes directly from our farm.

Our modern storage facilities enable us to store vegetables 12 months of the year; to then wash, grade, and pack anything from 500g to 1 tonne big bags.